Rients Dijkstra

Rients Dijkstra has a scientific design mentality yet loves the inexpicable. He loves maths, astronomy and new technology. Rients is continuously hungry for design innovation.

Rients is founder and design principal of Maxwan. He has an extensive track record ranging from strategic regional planning, infrastructure design to large scale urban planning. Rients knows how to behave and operate in politically sensitive environments. Since 2012 he therefore became the Dutch State Advisor for Infrastructure and City.

Rients is in charge of the domestic and european business development of Maxwan and lectures regularly throughout the world. Rients is content driven, extremely direct yet ultimately visionary.

Hiroki Matsuura

Hiroki Matsuura was born, raised and educated in Japan. Profesionally he matured in Holland. As an aesthetic engineer Hiroki cooks eastern Zen and Dutch Pragmatism into innovative designs.

Hiroki is design principal of Maxwan since 2004. His extensive track record and expertise ranges from large scale urban design to architecture. With engineer precision he reveals complexity and turns this into smart simplicity. His approach results in contemporary, societal relevant design solutions our clients highly benefit from.

Hiroki is in charge of the international business development of Maxwan and lectures regularly throughout the world. Hiroki has a hands-on mentality, he is direct yet informal and very collaborative.

Hiroki teaches and lectures at Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, The Rotterdam Academy of Architecture and Urban Design, TU Delft and is a guest professor at MARCH (The Moscow School of Architecture)

Sharmila Bisesar

Sharmila Bisesar has completed her education at M.E.A.O in Rotterdam in 1987. She has worked for various employers before joining Maxwan in 1997. At Maxwan Sharmila is responsible for everything concerning employees and financial administration.

Rene Sangers

René Sangers studied architecture at Technical University Delft and architectural engineering at the Hogeschool Utrecht. He graduated in Delft in 1993. Before joining Maxwan he worked with DKV Architects in Rotterdam and on independent commissions. René is an architect with a wide experience in developing and executing architectural and urban projects. Within Maxwan he is the link between design and realization, feasibility and practice. Rene has been involved in all of Maxwan’s building projects (such as 14 Houses Eindhoven, Office building F&I, 47 bridges in Leidsche Rijn, Reality machines and House G) so far. Presently René is project leader for the design, and step by step execution, of the Machelen-Diegem master plan in Belgium.

Rene Heijne

Rene Heijne has studied architecture at the Delft University of Technology. There he graduated with Rem Koolhaas. During his education and after graduating in 1996 he worked for Ton Venhoeven and Rem Koolhaas. At O.M.A. he worked as an architect and project leader on the Tram Tunnel in The Hague (1992-1996), the prize winning competition for the libraries of Jussieu in Paris (1994) and the Amsterdam Y-Oevers Master Plan (1992). In 1997 he left O.M.A. with two projects of O.M.A. and started his own firm Ruimtelab. Ruimtelab has built several housing projects and performed research projects such as Flex Buildings and Time-based Architeture. Ruimtelab has won several prizes, honorable mentions, scholarships and foundings.
In 2007 Rene was asked to be in charge of the architecture department of VHP and to become chairman of the VHP management team. For VHP he worked on several urban planning projects amongst which Woerden Snellerpoort. Rene is member of the quality team. Rene is founder of ‘Langzame Stad’, an ongoing research project on infrastructure. Since 2001 Rene has been teaching in Gent, Delft, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

Artur Borejszo

Artur Borejszo obtained his architecture and architectural engineering degree from the Technical University of Lodz, Poland with distinction. In addition to that, he developed special 3D CAD computer skills through completing courses and seminars at expert training centers. After his education Artur worked professionally at offices in Poland as well as at Frederick Clifford Gibson Architect & Associates in San Francisco USA, were he was employed from 2002 to 2008. Artur joined Maxwan in 2008. Since then he contributed to a large number of projects and competitions such as Barking Riverside, SkillBill, Leiden CS and the prizewinning competitions Machelen Diegem, Marstall Platz Hannover, Ostrava, and Magdeburg. Artur was project leader for the competition “Cultural HUB” in Genk, which was awarded 2nd prize. With his excellent graphic and rendering abilities, he is responsible for a large part of the imagery Maxwan is known for.

Valentina Chiappa Nunez

Valentina studied architecture in Milano (degree: MSc in Architecture 2011) and in Torino (MSc in Architecture, orientation Landscape architecture 2010). During her studies, she took part in an Erasmus exchange program at the UAL Universidade Autonoma de Lisboa. Furthermore she attended workshops addressing innovative cross over concepts of architecture, urbanism and landscape design in Indonesia, China and Portugal (a.o.).
Before joining Maxwan in November 2012 Valentina worked at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) in Rotterdam. At Maxwan her subtleness and dedication combined with her talent as architectural and graphic designer on all scales and media have made her a valued member of the design team. She contributed to major competition projects such as Red Hill Rise, Zaryadye Park and IFC Moscow.

Aleksandar Hrib

Aleksandar obtained his master of architecture at the Belgrade University in 2010. During his studies he was granted several scholarships for best student by the Republic of Serbia and won the 1st prize in the ESAL company competition for the best student project of the year 2007, and 1st prize of the Port of Belgrade in 2010. Aleksandar’s skills and interests range from architecture to film and photography. He organized and participated in exhibitions and workshops in Belgrade, Pacevo, Brussels and Zagreb. His curiosity, versatility and exceptional design ability enrich the Maxwan team in many ways.
Since joining the office, Aleksandar has contributed to our most recent projects in Belgium such as the master plan for Machelen-Diegem, a highway design in Limburg and the project “Groene Singel” in Antwerp.

Giulia Sarah Bacci

Giulia obtained her master degree in architecture at the University of Bologna in 2013 and she spent one year of her studies in Madrid at the Universidad Politécnica (ETSAM). For her master thesis she took part in a workshop at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá and then she moved to Madrid to continue her research and develop of the project.

Before joining Maxwan in September 2015 Giulia worked as teaching assistant for the lab-based course on architectural design IV at the University of Bologna. During her collaboration at the university she was able to deepen her interest in the research in different fields, range from architecture to urban design and landscape, but also history and photography.

Since joining the office Giulia become valued member of Maxwan design team. She contributed to our most recent projects Skolkovo Gardens, Expo Antwerpen and Parco Centrale di Prato.

Gijs de Haan

Natsuki Arakawa

Karolis Grigaitis

Edoardo Mancini

Gabriella Georgakaki