20 Feb '17
We have designed an exhibition for the "Gek van surrealisme / Mad About Surrealism" at Museum Boijmans van beuningen (11.02.2017 – 28.05.2017)

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5 Oct '16
Stage1 of the "GREEN SQUARE", one of seven public spaces of Skolkovo Gardens has been executed in Skolkovo IC, Moscow.
Maxwan and Arteza (Moscow), in collaboration with MASA architects, were responsible for the design.
The "GREEN SQUARE" - comparable in size with the famous RED SQUARE in Moscow – will be one of the largest green urban squares ever realized in Russia.

› Technopark Garden



Skolkovo, Moscow

13 Nov '15
Maxwan and Arteza (Moscow), in collaboration with MASA architects, have won the competition for a 50ha park for the Skolkovo Innovation Center, Moscow (a special economic zone focusing on bio-medical, space, nuclear, IT and energy). The new park integrates all public space surrounding a series of high profile buildings designed by Herzog & de Meuron, Valode & Pistre, Gensler and Bernaskoni. The Maxwan team is rewarded with a contract for design and development stages prior to the realization scheduled for spring 2016.

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Maxwan park design


15 Oct '14
See the first official images (photographer Filip Dujardin) of Park Groot Schijn in Antwerp - designed and constructed by Maxwan (in collaboration with 1010 and Antea Group).

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19 Sep '14
Maxwan team selected as one of 6 finalists for the international competition ‘Moscow River’.
Other contestants are Ostozhenka Architects / Ateliérs Lion - Russia,
Turenscape - China, Burgos&Garrido Arquitectos - Spain, SWA Group - USA, Projectmeganom – Russia
The aim of the competition is, to design a development concept for the next 20 years, turning the Moscow river from a ‘barrier’ into a ‘link’ within the city structure.



Moscow, RU

8 Apr '14
Maxwan in collaboration with TPO Reserve, Juurlink en Geluk, ARUP and Pegasus are one of three finalists to develop the International Financial Centre (IFC) in Moscow!
In the next , and final stage, the client will hold commercial negotiations with the finalists in order to discuss their further participation in the implementation of the project. Other contestants being teams around: XDGA, KCAP, SOM, Gensler, MAD, ASTOC/HPP and Panerai. Beside Maxwan/Reserve, KCAP and ASTOC made it to the final round.

› IFC Moscow


Maxwan exhibition design


14 Feb '14
Boijmans Van Beuningen is showing the work of three of the 20th century’s most influential sculptors-photographers: Brancusi, Rosso and Man Ray.

Visitors who have witnessed Maxwan’s previous exhibition designs will not be surprised to find the Boymans’ main exhibition hall to be transformed beyond recognition. In the words of Sjarel Ex, Maxwan has created a heaven, where the artists can be experienced simultaneously (in the great corridor), separately (in dedicated niches) or interactively (in an abstracted recreation of their ateliers).



7 Nov '13
A team led by Maxwan and Reserve has been selected for the competition for the new International Financial Centre in Moscow. The site, a 450ha former industrial area in Rublyovo Archangelskoye, will be developed to become the new financial centre for the Russian Government. It involves the construction of offices, housing, hotels, commercial and social infrastructure. (The Maxwan / Reserve team includes Arup, Juurlink+Geluk and Pegasus)



11 Jul '13
Maxwan, together with TPO Reserve, Latz + Partner and Buro Happold are shortlisted as one of the final 6 teams to take part in the international competition, designing the Zaryadye Park in the center of Moscow. Other finalists are West8, MVRDV, Diller & Scoffidio, Turenscape, and Gustafson Porter.

Photo of the site © Sergey Leontiev

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27 Nov '12
We are proud to present the first official images of our villa refurbishment project HouseN, in Noordwijk - The Netherlands. Maxwan gave the whole house a subtle facelift, designed a generous extension to the living room and the kitchen, and invented a very special spiral staircase. Photos © Filip Dujardin


The Slow Mile


8 Nov '12
Maxwan a+u, in collaboration with Antea Group, wins the international competition to design one of the key public spaces in the City of Mechelen, BE. The project includes a one kilometer long ‘pedestrian and cycle boulevard’ and three squares and reconnects Central Station to the main market square. It is one of the seven priority projects designated by the Flemish government to exemplify excellence in urban development in the coming years.

› Mechelen Boulevard



Strijp S Eindhoven

25 Sep '12
Maxwan won first prize for the Essent Science Pavilion ‘CUMULUS’ on the building site 'Strijp S' in Eindhoven. Cumulus recalls the evolution of energy distribution by the metaphor of clouds as a memory of the time, when electric energy came only from the sky. The glass box with floating clouds presents itself as an open and inviting breeding place for bright ideas.



South Harbour Helsinki

18 Jun '12
We are proud to announce, that Maxwan was awarded the highest prize for their competition entry “STADI TERASSI” in the Open International Ideas Competition “South Harbour Helsinki”, out of 201 submissions. The jury report states that “the (Maxwan) proposal respects its environment in terms of the cityscape, and is an innovative, stylish and well substantiated totality…” and that new buildings are of “high quality” and have been “uniquely and skillfully solved”.

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Key Commission

Antwerp, BE

26 Jan '12
Maxwan, together with Karres en Brands, HUB, Antea Groep and Goudappel Coffeng, won the competition to obtain a key commission for developing design guidelines of the “Groene Singel”, a strategic 625ha site containing the Antwerp Ringroad. The project, to be carried out in 2012, will entail drawing up comprehensive guidelines for the site and its immediate surroundings, as well as supervision of the development of different partial projects.

› Groene Singel Antwerpen


Vision for Basel

Basel, CH

29 Aug '11
The team of OKRA, Maxwan A+U, and Basler&Hofmann has won the competition for the concept design for the Basel city center.

› Basel



Machelen-Diegem, BE

6 Jun '11
Maxwan won the open call for the visioning of the urban future of Machelen-Diegem in Belgium. The office's urban and public space design for this infrastructure rich, but challenged community is ongoing.


Kyiv Finalists

Kiev, Ukraine

11 May '11
Maxwan’s entry, 23 Parks, was one of the 9 finalists for "Urban Landscaping in Kyiv for Euro-2012 and Distant Future". The plan attempted to answer the site's many issues by providing a three layered strategy: a long term structural vision for the 410 hectare park, a strategic design for a site linking the city center to the Dnieper River, and a series of small interventions that could be implemented in time for the 2012 UEFA Football Championships.


'Growing instead of Building'

14 Feb '11
Maxwan and OKRA are one of six prize winners of the "Knopen van de Drechtsteden" competition. The competition brief called for radical innovations of the highway exits of the Drechtsteden, so that they will become meaningful entrances to the city and its surrounding landscape.
The prize winning projects will be exhibited until march 26th 2011 at the CBK in Dordrecht.

Symposium & opening | Friday 18 February 2011 | 3pm | Free entrance | Centrum Beeldende Kunst | Voorstraat 180 | Dordrecht

› Knopen Drechtsteden



Leiden, NL

25 Nov '10
Maxwan has completed the master plan for the transformation of the Leiden Central Station and its adjoining quarter, transforming a typical neglected station area into a vibrant new high-density neighborhood.

› Leiden Central Station area


Prestigious Prize


10 Nov '10
The design for Ruggeveld, a large park in Antwerp, a joint effort by Maxwan, Karres&Brands, 1010 & Goudappel Coffeng has won the prestigious biannual Flemish Spatial Planning Prize for the most innovative and exciting initiative on environmental quality and sustainable spatial development. For the finer details


first prize


21 Jun '10
Maxwan wins first prize in the competition for a new cultural centre and park in the city of Ostrava, Czech Republic. A total of 70 architecture studios registered for the competition among which were international participants such as Foreign Office Architects (Great Britain), NL Architects (the Netherlands) and Lacaton & Vassal Architectes (France). As jury chairman Josef Pleskot stated, the winning design is noteworthy for its architectural and urban design treatment of the space, which does not emphasize the individual buildings but the overall space. "This design impressed an overwhelming majority of the jury, because it radiates an undeniable allure. It is a terribly interesting conception of a specific and original urban space...This design managed to put its finger on its essence on this forgotten space which lies between the city and nature. It managed to connect nature to the city, and the city to nature".

› Black Meadow




14 Jun '10
Maxwan together with LOLA Landscape Architects wins first prize in the competition Hannover City 2020 - Marstall


Honors from Magdeburg

18 Jan '10
Maxwan received an honorable mention for their submission in the Urban Design and Landscaping Ideas Competition "Magdeburg Science Port"


Competition won

11 Dec '09
Maxwan has won the competition to design the urban master plan for a 13ha site, between the historic centre and the river front in Kaunas Lithuania.

› Kaunas




28 Sep '09
As the exhibition designer, Maxwan completely redesigned the NAi for the International Biennale 2009. In accordance with the theme of "Open City" our design "opened" up the NAI to the City. The whole building infrastructure is reversed, a new bridge brings visitors directly into the main exhibition hall - the Forum. The Forum takes formerly separated uses - café, bookstore, and exhibition; as well as adds new uses - a debate space, play space, and concentrates them into one free, overlapping space, allowing all to mingle and interact. Meanwhile the main exhibition infiltrates the entire NAi, filling its galleries and redefining its public spaces.

› IABR Open City


planning permission

London, UK

31 Aug '09
Stages 1 and 2 of the Maxwan master plan Barking Riverside, the largest housing development in the Thames Gateway, have received planning permission. Maccreanor Lavington, KCAP, Sheppard Robson and Gustafson Porter under supervision of Maxwan architects + urbanists have worked on Stages 1 and 2 of the overall plan, comprising almost 3.000 housing units of varying typologies, integrated landscaping and long term transport strategies.

› Barking Riverside


competition won


25 Sep '08
Maxwan has won the competition to design the next Architecture Biennale held at the NAi, Rotterdam in 2009.


Supervision I


26 May '08
Maxwan supervision of the Barking Riverside development.

Having completed, in 2005, the masterplan for Barking Riverside, 10'800 homes on the North bank of the Thames, we are now supervising the first two built stages. Barking Riverside is the largest single residential development in the London Thames Gateway, the area between Canary Wharf and the M25 motorway. Construction is expected to begin in 2009.

› Barking Riverside


Leidsche Rijn under construction


17 Apr '08
The 2 km long A2 highway tunnel, an essential part of Maxwan's 1994 masterplan for Leidsche Rijn, is taking shape. Ten lanes of traffic will be buried in a hollow dike and covered by a deck boasting a large public square, sports facilities and parks. Photographer Gerry Hurkmans is closely tracking the completion of the 2500 ha development. This has resulted in an amazing series of photographs, including some stunning aerial views.

› Leidsche Rijn